Top 10 Asian Restaurants in Vancouver by Panda Pod

Vancouver’s diverse culinary landscape, is a haven for Asian cuisine enthusiasts. The city’s rich tapestry of cultures has given rise to a plethora of Asian restaurants, each offering an authentic and mouth-watering experience. Here’s a guide to the top Asian restaurants in Vancouver that are a must-visit for anyone craving the spicy, savory, and umami flavors of Asia.

1. Guu with Garlic: A Japanese Delight

Nestled in the heart of Vancouver, Guu with Garlic offers an authentic Japanese Izakaya experience. Known for its lively atmosphere and innovative dishes, this spot is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Don’t miss their signature garlic-infused dishes and a variety of mouth-watering sushi.

2. Dynasty Seafood Restaurant: Dim Sum Heaven

For those who love dim sum, Dynasty Seafood Restaurant is a must-visit. Located in the bustling Broadway area, this restaurant is renowned for its traditional dim sum, made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The shrimp dumplings and pan-fried turnip cakes are legendary.

3. Phnom Penh: Cambodian and Vietnamese Fusion

In the heart of Chinatown, Phnom Penh offers a unique blend of Cambodian and Vietnamese cuisine. This spot is famous for its butter beef and chicken wings, which have garnered a passionate following. The vibrant flavors and generous portions make it a standout.

4. Anh and Chi: Modern Vietnamese

Anh and Chi on Main Street brings a modern twist to traditional Vietnamese cuisine. With a focus on fresh ingredients and bold flavors, their menu features delightful meat skewers and a variety of pho and vermicelli dishes. The contemporary decor and warm service add to the experience.

5. HK BBQ Master: Unbeatable Chinese BBQ

For the best Chinese BBQ in Vancouver, head to HK BBQ Master in Richmond. Their roast pork, duck, and cha siu are cooked to perfection, offering a taste of authentic Hong Kong-style barbecue. The succulent flavors and tender meats make it a culinary landmark.

6. Miku Vancouver: Sushi and Beyond

Miku, located near the waterfront, is a sushi lover’s paradise. They specialize in Aburi sushi, where the fish is flame-seared, giving it a unique smoky flavor. The restaurant’s modern ambiance and stunning harbor views complement the exquisite dining experience.

7. Kingyo Izakaya: A Cozy Japanese Retreat

Kingyo Izakaya offers a cozy and intimate dining experience. Their diverse menu includes a variety of small plates, perfect for sharing and trying different flavors. The stone-grilled beef and homemade tofu are must-tries.

8. Tendon Kohaku: Tempura Perfection

For the best tempura in town, visit Tendon Kohaku. Their tempura bowls are a harmony of crispy, light batter and fresh, juicy ingredients, served over perfectly seasoned rice. It’s a simple yet satisfying meal that will leave you craving more.

9. The Dolar Shop: Hot Pot Haven

The Dolar Shop offers an upscale hot pot experience with a wide selection of broths and premium ingredients. The interactive dining experience, combined with their attentive service, makes it a great spot for groups and families.

10. Xing Fu Tea: Boba and Beyond

No Asian culinary tour is complete without a stop at Xing Fu Tea for some of the best boba in Vancouver. Their brown sugar boba is a standout, offering the perfect balance of sweetness and tea flavor.


These top Asian restaurants offer an unforgettable culinary journey through the flavors of Asia. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, these spots are sure to transform your dining experience into something truly special.

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